Yoga is the practice of oneness. Joining movement with the breath so that we can live in our most natural state. Yoga does not require a flexible body.  Flexibility and strength will be embodied

through practice and time.  

A beginner state of mind and the aspect of play are essential guiding elements for a safe & joyful yoga practice.


My yoga classes are designed for the urban individual to reconnect with their natural rhythm, introducing vinyasa yoga, healing free movement, sound, 5 elements, breathing ( pranayama) and meditation.


Dance classes focus on individual & authentic movement with breath, flow and play as tools. 


VINYASA FLOW: In Vinyasa Flow, breath is synchronized with movement to fluidly move between poses. It is a dance like yoga experience suitable for all levels. We learn to build postures through krama, meaning step by step progression.


POWER YOGA: Power classes focus on core strength and alignment to move towards advanced poses and inversions. If you are new to yoga, join private or vinyasa flow sessions to strenghten your core and connect to your center.



Yoga Trance Dance is a movement meditation method created by Shiva Rea, to help unlock creative life force through prana yoga, music and community. Get ready to sweat, dance, let go and enjoy being uniquely yourself.


Dance is the language of the body. Yoga and dance are deeply connected as they originate from the same source and are oldest known ways to "coming back home". 

Each session is created with focus on different aspects of freeform exploration. Movement Lab is offered in English and Dansa Davet in Turkish. Hope to see you on the sacred dance floor.



My focus in private sessions is helping students find inner strength through  alignment with  freedom to move in their body . We practice fun flow sequences, restorative poses and meditation to help establish a personal home practice. Foundation for these sessions is moving freely with awareness and ease to enjoy the experience.



Photo: Rosalind Guder


Please contact for more information on private, group sessions and corporate classes in Los Angeles Area.

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